Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Pictures Says a Thousand Words.

Last month, when she was going through the piles of stuff that collected in our house during and after renovating the house, she found some old pictures. 3,797 of them (I just checked iPhoto). This November, I scanned them all - although some of them were repeats. I organized them and gave them out as Christmas presents this year, and even though it took a lot of time, I enjoyed it immensely.

I learned a lot. For instance, my father and I looked a lot alike as toddlers.

Obviously, he doesn't know that I've posted this picture here.
He is too dignified to want his inner cuteness exposed.

See how chubby our faces are?
See how eager we are to get out of our cribs?

I also learned that I've always been fond of Christmas presents, even when I was only four months old.

I saw that I always liked to dance, even before my little sister was born.

Okay, I'm either dancing.
Or talking with my hands, which I also do.

I remembered how prissy I used to be, circa age 4.

My uncle gave me this Tigger for Christmas one year. :-)

I remembered old stories.

Ms. Folk, my kindergarten teacher, told my mother that I had a gift. I think she was the first one, but she said that I was a good writer. I used characterization, which is apparently unusual when you're only five years old. My mother loves to tell this story.

I learned new stories when my mother stood at my shoulder and watched me go through the pictures.

I tried to climb out, but I got stuck - for hours. Eventually, my parents had to cut me out, but now before taking a picture of my dilemma.

It was great to look through them. It reminded me what I was like as a child - wide open, adventurous, and adamant about getting my way.

I won't say that I've really changed, but I've learned to hide some of these qualities.

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