Monday, January 4, 2010

The Danger of Getting A Narnia Box Set for Christmas

I was bad yesterday. I procrastinated. Instead of getting straight to work, I read three-fourths of Prince Caspian.

Confession: the two-chapter-a-day goal has already been broken. I only did one chapter, and it only had seven pages. Less now actually, because I basically threw out the first two pages and condensed the information that followed. In fact, at this point, Chapter 1 is so short that it'll have to merge with Chapter 2.

In my defense, it was basically a rewrite. Look:

In case the pink ink is hard to see,
let me just point out there are more corrections than original text.

Beginnings are difficult. I have the feeling that this one isn't exactly right, but it's definitely better than it was before. It's shorter, for one thing. The perfect start will probably come to me the dead of night...when I am attempting to sleep...

In the meantime, onward!

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