Thursday, May 13, 2010

Adventures in Homecoming

DISCLAIMER: Skip this entry if you're a neat freak, or if you're going to judge me forever for being incredibly messy.

After being back in Charlotte for a week, I've realized one important thing: Dude, home doesn't change.

My room is exactly how I left it, and that isn't a good thing.

Exhibit A:

(The ones under the desk are full of books, btw.)

These are all the boxes I failed to unpack, because I was sure that my move to California would be incredibly, incredibly soon. It wasn't until I walked into my room that I remembered that I had originally planned to head out late January or early February. (Hmm. How plans change.) No wonder my mom asked me about moving whenever I called home - she was tired of looking at the boxes.

The random nature of my closet also astounded me.

Exhibit B:

The second clear drawer is where I keep all my journals.
That pink one in the front I started in third grade. There are four entries.

This is where I keep all my early writing memorabilia. Back in college, I got in an organizing mood and filed all the writerly stuff dating back 10+ years - in rough chronological order. (Not every notebook is completely filled.) It was a good idea at the time, but then I started just pulling stuff out and shoving stuff back in.

I suppose, it could use some organizing again. Maybe next week.

Exhibit C:

In my shoe bin, I found this unfamiliar bouquet and stared at it for ten minutes, wondering where it had come from. (Did I take flowers to prom? Had I got married and forgotten about it?)

Answer: Debutante bouquet - it looks suspiciously like my sister's.

So, I have some cleaning up to do around here.

But it is going to have to wait until Monday. I am off this evening for a mother-daughter, long weekend trip to the BEACH!!!! This is part a late Mother's Day excursion and part a reward for finally getting back down to one project on my to-do list (until I get notes from people, I mean). I'm bringing four books and no work.

It will be AWESOME. :-D!

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