Monday, September 6, 2010

Agent + Friend + Me + Sugar High = Awesome Like Whoa

So it's Labor Day night, and my (editor) friend Maria and I just waved Jo - my lovely agent extraordinaire - off as she drove away towards Long Island.

Every time we hang out, I realize that she's even MORE awesome than I thought before. (And I always thought she was SUPER awesome.)

The sugar crash has just kicked in like whoa, but here are a few highlights:
  • She brought me a galley!!!!! So excited to start reading it!

  • We had an awesome conversation about survival strategies for the apocalypse and thriller movies.

  • Dinner was manicotti with garlic bread....and then apple pie. This was where the sugar high kicked in. (Very important to the evening's adventures.)

  • After talking about monkey bars during dinner, we all took a walk in the park in Maria's backyard - with the sole intention of finding monkey bars and seeing if we still had our old playground skills.

  • We didn't. But we blame the new monkey bars. They weren't like this, which is what we grew up with:
    But more like this, except curved:

  • But Jo was determined anyway. She was so determined to not cheat by using her legs that she did a major faceplant into the weird cushy stuff below the bars. Then she GOT UP and didn't stop trying until she managed it. (I must add that I never managed it without cheating and using my legs.)

  • We found the pull up bar and did pull ups. So, maybe they were assisted pull ups, and maybe the dudes working out looked at us like we were totally lame, but we did them.

  • Back at the apartment, we found karaoke clips online and sang Lady Gaga and Queen - at the top of our lungs.

  • Then we had a spontaneous dance party, where she taught me an awesome new dance move called Psycho. Two people: one in the shower and one with the (imaginary) knife. It took me and Maria a few times to master the steps, but it was totally worth it.
(There were a couple more highlights, but I was sworn to secrecy. Shhhh.)

Maria and I can be insanely silly together, so I thought we would be frightening in our ridiculousness.

But no, Jo joined in, which made for a night of epic awesome.

Thank you, Jo, for letting me cook for you and for being so fun to hang out with. :-D!!

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