Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Five - Adventures in Babysitting*

(*Wasn't that a movie, or am I making that up?)

Disclaimer: Blogging via phone here. Please disregard any typos.

1. I have just reached my tenth straight hour of babysitting my cousins. The baby is napping (2nd nap of the day - victory!). The 2.5 year old is watching the Baby Noah DVD (of the Baby Einstein collection) for the third time in a row. Oh, wait - no, she just left the TV and went to go play house.

I have lost count of how many diapers I've changed today. And how many bottles I feed the baby. Hopefully, their parents won't ask...

2. It took me a few days, but I re-read EVER AFTER SCHOOL this week!! Yes, I know that I'm not supposed to get the editorial letter until early next month. Of course, the last time I read it was back in JULY. I want to have it fresh in my mind, and I, uh, also took pages and pages of revision possibilities. **geek alert**

3. I have been in major plotting mode. My cute little plot notes notebook is filling up, and during an hour long walk on Tuesday, the first few chapters clicked into place in my head. Muahahahahahaha (ie. evil laughter). Exciting things are in store for Rory.

4. Yesterday, Mom and I drove up to Hendersonville in the North Carolina mountains. GORGEOUS!! Even the highway traffic was pretty (see above). We had a top secret *cough - Christmas shopping - cough* purpose to our trip. I was so tempted to buy this early edition of Charlotte's web, but then I couldn't think of anyone who would want it for Xmas. If you do, or know someone who does, it's at Jane Asher Antiques & Fine Traditions - they said that they ship!!

5. I think the baby's awake... Must run!

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