Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Beach Adventure, Or An Excuse to Post Pretty Pictures

I had my very first Writer's Retreat about a week ago.

It was pretty awesome. I mean, it wasn't organized. I just wasn't getting enough writing done. Most of the current WIP takes place by the ocean, so I booked a few mid-week days at the Sunset Inn in Sunset Beach, NC. (There may have been a hint of OMG-I'm-so-sick-of-packing-I-might-scream, but we don't need to dwell.)

I drove down. I walked for hours on a very cold beach. I picked up seashells. I found a sand-dollar. Well, technically, I found three, but I broke one and gave another way. But this is cool, because the last whole one I found was alive and thus un-keepable. The people at the Inn were unbelievably nice (and I totally recommend going to anybody near the Carolinas). I wrote. I unsnarled some annoying plot problems.

Overall, it was pretty productive. I plan to make these writer retreats a regular happening.

Besides that, there really isn't much to say.

But I have pictures. Check it out:

This is what it looked like the first day.
It felt like you could just walk forever. But actually,
I just walked two hours. Accidentally.

The sanddollar I found! Plus, some other shells

Did I mention that I had my own porch?
It was a little too chilly to hang out there, though.

The porch had a really cool view of the island's marsh.

But on Wednesday, it was ridiculously foggy...

I almost got lost during my walk, but then I found the pier.

But when I drove a couple miles inland for dinner,
the sky looked like this. Veeery weird.

But Thursday, it looked like this.
Gorgeous, right?


Linda Benson said...

I love the beach. There's just something about the sea - rolling endlessly in and out, in and out that inspires deep thought and creativity. Plus, you can just walk along by yourself, picking up shells and gazing out to sea for hours, and no one thinks you're weird. Yup, nothing better. Glad you got to enjoy it!!

Bertie Westcoat said...

Hi Shelby!
That beach is one of my ideal places that I had wanted to go if ever I want to unwind. I'm sure I can create a masterpiece if I stay there for a week. Last year, I had spent vacations at Whitsundays. My friend, Andrew, invited me for a diving at the Great Barrier Reef. This is my first underwater experience and I really enjoyed it. I also learned underwater photography that day.

Rachele Alpine said...

Hey, hey....I'm giving away the arc of DIVERGENT I won on Veronica's blog if you're still interested! The book is awesome!

And the pictures on your blog are beautiful! Wowsers!