Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Please take a moment, and CHECK OUT THE AWESOME!

Remember that vlog I mentioned last time???

Warning: contains geekiness and strange voices (all mine).

Wow, just realized that this is going up on Valentine's Day.

Well, that fits actually, because I'm in love with my galleys. :-)

(No, I could not resist being cheesy. Physically incapable.)


F.T. Bradley: said...

Love that crown. Big congrats--must be so exciting...

Shelby Bach said...

Thanks so much, Fleur!! Yes, you can definitely tell I'm HUGELY excited. :-P

Creative A said...

Ahaha. I loved it! I was laughing the whole time. And oh, my word, the thickens of your Ever Afters 2 was cracking me up because I recently just printed out my near-finished-edits WIP and scared the crap out of myself with how thick it was. I felt like it could be used as a doorjam or something.

But anyway. Your book is gorgeous! Loved the font! The crown! Hurray!


Shelby Bach said...

LOL - Thanks, Mandy! Yeah, the thickness of the book sneaks up on you, and then you're just stuck with a mountain of a paper, covered in words - my first thought: Wow, that's intimidating. Did I make that? And now I have to revise?? :-P