Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Five - the One Month Out Edition, or LOTS of Update-y Things

This post is full of boring. I've just returned from visiting my family and friends in Charlotte, where I had a marvelous and busy time (I had a deadline four days after I arrived and a bridal shower to organize). Meanwhile, stuff has been blowing up in my inbox, and my mind explodes a little more every day. But in a nice way. 

Basically, stuff has been happening faster than I can write updates on all the AWESOME. 


Of Giants and Ice comes out in ONE MONTH. That is a crazy feeling. I don't know if y'all realized that I am full of ALL THE EMOTIONS about it, if these two posts didn't tip you off. :-P

But it's a good feeling. I'm trying to not let the scary aspects of it overwhelm the happy glow of knowing that with lots of help from my agent, my editors, my family, friends, and readers, I've created something I'll soon be able to hold in my hands.  

By soon, I mean REALLY soon. Julia emailed me to say that she has finished copies!!!!  

The only reason I'm not waiting by my mailbox right now is that it's physically impossible for a package to travel from New York to Oregon the short hours since I gave her my address. 

She also emailed me the cover of The Ever Afters 2: Of Witches and Wind, and it's SO AWESOME! And PERFECT! Julia says, it's just as great as the first cover, but with more action, and that's the perfect way to describe it.

I would LOVE to show you right now, but sadly, I'm not allowed to post it until it's final. 

Just know: it resulted in epic amounts of SQUEE. 

My agent, Joanna Stampfel-Volpe, is starting her own company, New Leaf Literary! It's very similar to her old agency, Nancy Coffey Literary + Media Representation - except Jo is at the helm, rather than Nancy. Jo is awesome, by the way. I don't think I say this enough. She's brilliant, quick, and kind, and she works hard enough to be five people. I worry that she doesn't sleep. I'm actually proud to have such an awesome agent and honored to be on her list, and although NCLit was awesome, I'm thrilled that Jo's taking this leap. If you see her on Twitter, go congratulate her or digitally high-five her or something. 

PW's more official-sounding and grown-up version of this news can be found here.

The second S&S revision of that same book went in to Julia about this time last week. I'm writing a series of blog posts about the Dreaded Book 2, and my experiences writing it (a.k.a. the last year and a half of my life).

So, stay turned...

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