Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Ever Afters #1 - Of Giants and Ice

You've seen the cover before, but I don't believe that I've mentioned what happens in the book.

Do you know what that means???

It's time to share the flap copy!

Happily Ever After can seem a long way off when you're waiting for your life to really begin...

Rory Landon has been known her whole life as the daughter of a famous movie star and an award-winning Hollywood director. So it is a surprise and a relief when no one at her new after-school program seems to care or even know who her parents are.

That relief quickly turns to disbelief when Rory finds herself faced with a real live fire-breathing dragon on her first day and she realizes that at Ever After School, the kids look up to a different kind of celebrity. For example Jack (as in the Beanstalk) and Snow White (like with the Seven Dwarfs) are not only real, but teaching Rory and her friends how to prepare for when their own tale begins. Never in the spotlight before, Rory is about to discover just what it means to have the starring role.

But is her tale destined for a happy ending?

It's interesting - what the editor/publishing house decides to focus on when introducing the book as opposed to what I focused on in my query letter to Joanna. For me, it was all about Rory's new best friend and new worst enemy, but I suppose it did have a few spoilers in it.

So, I won't post that query letter now, I guess. I'm tempted, but no, I'll be good. :-P


Creative A said...

wow, loved the way they interpreted this for the blurb!

"So it is a surprise and a relief when no one at her new after-school program seems to care of even know who her parents are. "

Was that bold "of" supposed to be an "or"?


Shelby Bach said...

WHOOPS! That was totally my typo, but I fixed it. :-)

Thanks for catching that, Mandy!!

Naomi Ruth Thompson said...

This looks so interesting. I love fairy-tale stories. When it comes out I will have to find it so I can review it on my blog :D So exciting!

Shelby Bach said...

Thanks so much, Naomi!! I hope you enjoy it. If you need an extra copy to do a giveaway or anything, please just let me know - My email is shelby.bach [at] :-)

Naomi Ruth Thompson said...

I just requested it from the library :) When I'm done reading it I'll e-mail you!

Shelby Bach said...

Hurray for the library! I hope you like the book! :-)