Friday, February 19, 2010

Adventures in Cell Phones, or The End of An Era

As you can probably tell from the picture, I'm a Blackberry girl. I got my first BB right before I graduated from college - actually, the same day I signed for my first apartment ever.

The flip phone I had before that lasted over four years. Sure, it didn't have color, or any internet capabilities, but it had been around since my senior year of high school. You get attached to something when it's around that long.

Then, one Sunday, as I was walking down NYC's Madison Avenue and chatting with my roommate-to-be, my flip phone fell onto the sidewalk and broke spectacularly into two pieces. Sometimes, the universe tells you when it's time to let go.

Then, as an early graduation present, I got a Blackberry Pearl - ie. the one on the left. Suddenly, I had email. I had color. I didn't use it for anything besides constant email (and then BBM) conversations, but I felt very professional. And very grown-up.

At risk of sounding kinda like a valley girl, I have to say that my BB Pearl was a big accessory to my life. It was there when the nice lady at HR called to offer me an editorial assistant position. It suffered through lots of philosophical BBM conversations between me and my dear roommate - and later, as I started to realize that New York wasn't my city, it endured my hour-long conversations with my mother.

Later, after my move, my BB pearl received the call from my editor, informing me of my very first book deal! And MOST recently, it was the phone my fantastic agent J first called me on. :-D

Unfortunately, the December day I moved to Montana, to begin my life as a full-time writer, my trusty phone started freezing up. Once a week, I had to take the battery out to reset the software. I started looking up new phones. The Pearl had become a flip phone, which I had mixed feelings about.

Then, yesterday, my BB Pearl started deleting my call and BBM history even as I typed. The situation was becoming dire. I was well overdue for a trip down Verizon Lane, but I didn't want to go all the way to Bozeman for a variety of reasons:

1. I had just been there. On Tuesday. I wasn't due for another trip for another two weeks.

2. I would have to buy gas.

3. It was supposed to snow. I try not to drive in adverse weather conditions.

4. I had JUST hit my stride writing new scenes for the revisions my fantastic agent recommended. I did NOT appreciate the interruption.

But it was the now ex-roommate who convinced me. She said that living alone in an isolated area, I couldn't afford to be without a working cell phone.

Like I said before, the universe tells you when it's time to let go.

I went. I picked out a new phone: the Blackberry Curve, ie. the one on the right.

On the drive back, I started thinking that maybe this new phone marked a new era too. Look at it again. Look at the wide keyboard, perfect for typing.

This is a writer's phone.

I know many colleagues would disagree with me, but that's what this new phone means to me. I'm not just an ex-editorial assistant with a book contract. I'm a writer. :-D

P.S. I actually typed out this entry on my new BB Curve, using my newly activated blogger email post capability! (And yes, I am dorky like that. Plus, I had to add the picture later.)

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