Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Year of the Tiger

I know, I know. You just heard from me. It's hard to imagine that I could have anything else to say after the last epicly long blog post, but I forgot to say something.

Happy Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year!

These are actually two holidays that I always forget to celebrate, but this year, they're special to me - and not just because they occur on the same day.

This is the Year of the Tiger! That's my year!

My dear friend Angela - who is Chinese, ie. was born and raised there until the age of 13 (when she met me) - alerted me to the holiday's significance. She's a Tiger, too. She also says that if it's your year, you can expect a great many challenges and also a lot of positive change. We're both crossing our fingers.

I'll keep you posted. ;-)

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